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Charming Wear Privacy Statement

Charming Wear has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and security. This document describes Charming Wear’ practices with respect to the collection of user information from this Web site. We have taken extra steps to make sure your online shopping experience is the best and is safe and secure.

As a visitor to Charming Wear’ web site, www.charmingwear.com, you have the right to understand our information privacy practices prior to providing Charming Wear with any of your personal information (Personal information includes information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address).

Privacy Policy


The relationship between Charming Wear and you is based on trust. We value the trust you have placed in us and we are taking all appropriate measures to safeguard your personal information and maintain your confidence. Your privacy is important to us and consequently we have developed this privacy policy (“privacy policy”) covering how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and save your information. Please review our policy to familiarize yourself with our practices.

Our privacy policy may be amended from time to time and we therefore encourage you to periodically check our website www.charmingwear.com for the most current version of our policy.

By providing personal information to charming Wear and or by accessing our website, or our other social media sites or pages, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of our privacy policy and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described herein. If you wish to withdraw your consent you must contact our Privacy Officer by email at privacyinfo@charmingwear.com in default of which you will be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Charming Wear has established this privacy policy to ensure that your personal information is protected and that all our practices and procedures comply with relevant personal information protection and privacy legislation.

We take great care in trying to maintain the security of personal information that we have collected. We have adopted physical and technological processes and procedures to protect the confidentiality of personal information and to safeguard personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification of the information and the purposes for which it is to be used.

We do not take responsibility for any theft, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction of data; however we do take reasonable precautions to prevent such occurrences. While we do everything we can to protect your personal information, we cannot warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.

We use contractual and other means to ensure that third parties to whom we disclose personal information for processing provide a comparable level of protection with respect to personal information in their possession, care or control.


Accountability for our compliance with this privacy policy rests with our Privacy Officer; however, other individuals within Charming Wear may have responsibility for the day to day collection and processing of personal information. All employees of Charming Wear must abide by this policy as well.

Identifying Purposes

As part of our business operations, we collect and use personal information for the following purposes including but not limited to:

  • Processing your order and answering questions about the status of your order and to better track purchased or returned merchandise;
  • Sending you or the person you designate products that you have ordered;
  • Maintaining contact with you and providing you with ongoing personalized service;
  • Better understanding and responding to your needs and preferences;
  • Developing customer profiles based thereon and to communicating special offers and promotions to you concerning our products;
  • Helping develop our market and managing our business;
  • Conducting follow-up regarding the level of customer service experienced during your online visit;
  • Determining interest in various areas of our Website and your preferences on it.

The information we gather generally consists of either (i) personally identifiable information, which includes personal information that you may supply when you register, order, complete a survey, enter a contest, provide an email address and/or (ii) Non-personally identifiable information collected through technology, which includes tracking information collected as you navigate the Website.

Except as described herein, any personal information that we disclose to third parties is done in the aggregate and on a non-personally identifiable basis. Any time you visit our Website or social media sites or pages information is automatically obtained and compiled. This information may include your internet protocol (IP) address and the domain name registry information associated with that IP address, identification of your internet browser, operating system and hardware platform you are using, the date and time of your visit; the name and address (URL) of the web page you viewed immediately prior to accessing the Website; the information that was entered into a search engine which led you to the Website; and any other data. This information is stored in our log files.

In order to better identify the demographics of our customer base, the record of your actions on our Website, including the pages visited, the time spent on each page, the information sent or received and the names of all files uploaded or downloaded is collected. The information may be compiled by us without personal identification and made available to third parties for this purpose with the goal of providing better service to you. This may be referred to as information in the aggregate.

We may also collect personal information from you when you provide your personal information to us by such means as. Examples of this include completing a form to participate in a contest, ballot, promotion or survey, by signing up for our newsletter or any other form of communications with you, by communicating with us by telephone, e-mail, by setting up a user account and password, logging in as a registered user of our Website and providing information in your account or accounts, or by introduction of or posting of any text, image, video, audio, or any information, content or other materials through any of our social networking websites or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or similar sites.

As a consequence of the aforesaid, you may supply us with personal information, such as your name, date of birth, e-mail and postal addresses, telephone number(s), credit card information, product interest information and financial information and in certain circumstances, your comments, suggestions, ideas, opinions and individual preferences. We may also maintain a record of your product interests and acquire information about you from other present and future affiliates.

By providing information to us you also agree that Charming Wear shall have the right to incorporate, use and reproduce any text, image, video, audio, or any information, content or other materials that you may provide through our Website or social media of any kind by email or post through our social networking Websites and web pages such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, in whole or in part, in connection with the marketing and promotion of our business.


We will not, as a condition of selling you Charming Wear products, require you to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information beyond that which is absolutely necessary.

In certain limited circumstances, as permitted or required by law, we may collect, use or disclose personal information without the knowledge or consent of the individual. Although the following list is not exhaustive, these circumstance include: (i) personal information which is publicly available as defined by regulation; (ii) circumstances where collection or use is clearly in the interests of the individual and consent cannot be obtained in a timely fashion; (iii) to investigate a breach of an agreement or a contravention of a law; (iv) to act in respect of an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual; (v) for debt collection; or (vi) to comply with a subpoena, warrant or court order.
You may always withdraw your consent with respect to a particular use or disclosure of your personal information at any time by emailing written instructions to our Privacy Officer at privacyinfo@charmingwear.com.

Limiting Collection

You always have the right to direct us not to share your information with third parties. With regard to the collection and disclosure of aggregate information however, please note that you will not be able to opt out as this information simply reflects statistical analysis of various aspects of Website usage and does not include personally identifiable information. We will limit the amount and type of personal information collected to that which is necessary for our identified purposes and we will only collect personal information by fair and lawful means.


Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer’s hard drive or in random access memory when you are viewing the website. They keep a record of your preferences making your subsequent visits to the website more efficient. In certain cases, this information is only kept during the session and is deleted when you close your browser. In other cases, the information is stored on your hard drive and, upon your next visit to the website; the cookies are used to recall such information. Cookies may store a variety of information, including, a unique user ID that can be used to track the pages of the site you have visited and the number of times that you view a particular page or other item on the website, login or registration information, your preferences and your purchase history, where available.

No personal information is transmitted via cookies. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to reveal or discover the identity of the individual user; your acceptance of our cookies will not compromise your anonymity while using the Website.

Charming Wear may use cookies in order to improve the online experience of users of the Website. Your cookies help us keep track of your interests and, if you are a registered customer, your cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to the Website. If you register on our Website, your cookies also help us to monitor and maintain information about your use of our Website. If you have not registered with us, your cookies may be used in order to monitor and maintain non-personally identifiable information about your use of our Website.

The use of cookies is a common practice adopted by most major websites to better serve their clients. Most internet browsers are designed to accept cookies, but they can be easily modified to warn you each time a cookie is being sent or to block all cookies. This is done through your browser settings; Please verify your browser’s help files for details on how to block cookies, how to know when you have received cookies and how to disable cookies completely. Please note, however, that without cookies, some of our Website’s functions will not be available, and you will lose some of the benefits of the Website and we may not recognize you as a past visitor or a registered user.

Composite tracking information generated by cookies may be shared with third parties for the purpose of documenting the Website activity, traffic accounting, content analysis and other trends. Statistical information is not linked to any personal information and cannot identify any individual user of the Website.

Social Plug-Ins

Charming Wear has installed on the Website various social media plug-in protocols, such as for example Facebook’s “Like” button, which allow you to share your likes and interests in Charming Wear products, services, and promotions with your friends and contacts. When you click on a social media plug-in protocol link, such as the Like button, a link to our Website may appear in the “Likes and Interests” section of your Facebook or other social media website profile. Your friends and contacts will be able to see the link and be led back to the Website if they share your likes and interests or if they are interested in learning more about our products, services, and promotions. Charming Wear may also contact you, and those of your friends and contacts who chose to become members of Charming Wear social media website webpages, with news about Charming Wear so you and your friends and contacts can learn about Charming Wear products, services and promotions.

By using a social media plug-in protocol link, you consent to receiving communications from us for all of these purposes and agree to allow us to use information on your likes and interests in connection with the marketing and promotion of our business. You understand that information about your likes and interests may be shared with your friends and contacts and the broader social-media website community.

More information about social media plug-in protocols, like Facebook’s “Like” button, and its impact on your privacy rights, may be found at the appropriate social media website’s help center.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Charming Wear does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it is collected, except with the express consent of the individual or as required by law. Charming Wear will retain personal information only for as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes, subject to legal requirements.

You may refuse or withdraw your consent for the collection, use or sharing of your personal information for the purposes described herein, however we encourage your consent so that we can contact you and provide you with promotional communications and to better assist your dealing with us.

You have the choice not to submit any personal information to us, although this may limit our ability to serve you to the best of our ability as it may prevent you from purchasing items from our Website or participating in our contests. You may also choose only to submit information constituting required fields when making purchases or completing contest entries. In addition, you may choose to limit how we use your personal information by not allowing us to share such information with third parties by emailing us at the contact link below.

In the event that you have already consented to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information through the utilization of this website, our social media or other communications, you may “opt-out”, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer at the address provided above, or where applicable by following the “opt-out” instructions provided in the promotional materials sent to you.

In respect of requests not to receive promotional communications from us, please be sure to include your full name, address, telephone number and any e-mail address you used when you signed up or entered a contest on the Website, registered with or made a purchase from us. It may take up to two (2) weeks to process your request, during which period you may continue to receive communications from Charming Wear. If you prefer not to receive promotional information from Charming Wear where applicable please follow the unsubscribe instructions set out on this Website or in communications of the Charming Wear.


We will use our best efforts to ensure that personal information under our control is as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used. In order to assist us in that regard, we urge you to provide us with updates regarding such information and to inform us of any errors affecting your personal information that we hold.

You are entitled to request access to, and, if necessary, correct your personal information collected by us. In order to make such a request, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer in writing.

Charming Wear will remove any of your personal information from our database within a reasonable period of time pursuant to a written request from you. You can also contact our Chief Privacy Officer for any questions about or to make any complaint in relation to our privacy policy or our privacy practices in general.


We protect personal information with safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. We employ appropriate safeguards to protect personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification, regardless of the format in which the information is held. We make our employees and business partners aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information, and we exercise appropriate care in the disposal or destruction of personal information to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the information.

Charming Wear strives to offer its customers a secure shopping environment and is a secured Website, meaning that all credit card information and other confidential information provided by the customer is encrypted. Charming Wear is also a secured Website to help protect our customer’s personal information against identity theft, viruses, spywares and other on line threats.

Notwithstanding all of our security measures we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.


Upon written request addressed to our Chief Privacy Officer, we will inform an individual of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and we will give the individual access to that personal information. We will respond to an individual’s written request within a reasonable time (generally within 30 days) and we will assist any individual who informs us that he or she needs assistance in preparing a request.
We may require an individual to provide sufficient information to permit us to provide an account of the existence, use and disclosure of personal information. While our response will typically be provided at no cost to the individual, depending on the nature of the request and the amount of information involved, we reserve the right to impose a reasonable cost. In these circumstances, we will inform the individual of the approximate cost to provide the response and proceed upon payment by the individual of the cost. Requested information will be provided or made available in a form that is understandable. Where possible, we will indicate the source of the information.

In providing an account of third parties to which we may have disclosed personal information about an individual, we will attempt to be as specific as possible. When it is not possible to provide a list of the organizations to which we have actually disclosed personal information, we will provide a list of organizations to which we may have disclosed the personal information.

In certain situations, we may refuse a request or not be able to provide access to all the personal information we hold about an individual. Exceptions to the access requirement will be limited and specific, as permitted or required by law. Where permitted, the reasons for denying access will be provided to the individual upon request. Although the following list is not exhaustive, exceptions may include: (i) information that contains references to other individuals or contains confidential commercial information, where such information cannot be severed from the record; (ii) information collected in the course of investigating a breach of an agreement or in the course of a formal dispute resolution process; and (iii) information that is subject to solicitor-client privilege.

Challenging Compliance

If you are not completely satisfied with our privacy policy and wish to submit comments or concerns regarding our privacy practices, we invite you to contact our Chief Privacy Officer. We will thoroughly investigate all written complaints addressed to our Chief Privacy Officer. If we find a written complaint to be justified, we will take all appropriate measures, including, if necessary, amending our policies and practices.

Last updated: September 2013


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